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Get Your Read On! Resources for Free E-books!

March 19, 2013
Photo courtesy of Roch Public Library.

Photo courtesy of Roch Public Library

On various sites I frequent I often post links to free e-books, but that can be very time consuming and no guarantee my interest will match the masses at large. Consequently, I decided to do a comprehensive post of the sites I frequent and info on ways to find free and bargain e-books. For sites that also have a twitter account, that is often the easiest way to keep track of books as they normally update their twitter feeds as books are posted to the main site. Most sites I visit post kindle books,  but I have a couple of nook options below as well.

Free Book Dude:

Free and bargain Christian books:


The E-reader Cafe posts 3-4 times a day and tends to have more full length books:

The main Free Daily Books site posts free and bargain books, the twitter feed just posts the free books:

Digital Ink:


Kindle Spice romance and erotica:

Smut Post erotica (often hardcore):

Free Par-tay  Mostly romance, some young adult. If you sign up for their email list, once or twice a month they will email you when they have their free book promo.  It’s normally several authors who sell through Amazon for kindle, they agree to make their books free for 3-4 days and link back to the free par-tay site. Also following the links in the email will enter you into a drawing for an gift card:

Other Freebie Resources:

Mobile read is an e-book reader community forum. They have help and support for all models of e-readers. They also have an author section where author’s often will post when their books are going on sale and a Freebies section that posts books as they become available for free.

All major book sites also tend to have free books also. You can normally do a search or pick a category and sort price low to high. Often when a book is free on one site, it will become free on the other sites.

Kobo books:

Sony Reader Store:


Smashwords will have e-books in all formats suitable for nook, kindle and other e-readers:


All Romance:

Google Books:


Amazon has a top 100 free under most categories. I will add books I’m interested in to my wish list and check it regularly to see if the price has dropped.

Barnes and Noble:

Barnes and Noble’s blog usually gives away a free book every friday:

Outside the USA/Canada?

Also check your local library. Most have the overdrive service which can download to most e-readers. Many e-readers often have an overdrive app built in.

Need an ereader and can’t decide which one to buy?

Check online reviews. Visit Good E-reader for comprehensive reviews.

See also: Mobile reader

E-reader King:

The E-reader King twitter feed hasn’t had any recent activity, but the main site still has lots of good info.

Cnet is always a good standby:

If all else fails, search for the device you are interested in on youtube. There will often be hands-on video reviews.

Finally, if you don’t have an e-reader, but have a smart phone or tablet, you may have a kindle or nook app available in your app catalog.

Also both Amazon and Barnes and Noble have free e-reader software so you can read from your PC or laptop:

Happy Reading!!

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